Canon IXUS 185 Camera – 20.2MP


Canon IXUS 185 Camera – 20.2MP

Canon IXUS digital camera lets you relive your memorable moments again and again. The IXUS 185 offers a smooth operation to point and shoot directly. The Canon IXUS 185 camera is your one stop solution for capturing high quality images and HD videos with utmost clarity. It is packed with an 8x optical zoom along with a 20MP camera and a DIGIC 4 Plus image processor, which allow you to click beautiful pictures. Furthermore, the Digital IS of this camera reduces distortions and offers a noise free picture. The Auto Zoom works smartly and selects the best framing for your photos and videos by figuring out the people present in the frame. Recording HD videos become easy as this camera shoots videos at 720p resolution. Also, it has an Easy Auto feature that locks other functions so that you do not make unwanted operations by getting on the menu page. This beauty comes in a silver finish, which makes it perfect to carry with you wherever you go



Canon IXUS 185 Camera – 20.2MP

GET4LESSGHANA 20 Megapixels GET4LESSGHANA Add date stamps to your images GET4LESSGHANA Simple, worry-free camera control
GET4LESS 8x optical zoom with wide-angle GET4LESSGHANA Powerful DIGIC processing GET4LESSGHANA 720p movies
GET4LESSGHANA Auto mode with 32-scene detection GET4LESSGHANA Zoom to 16x with great quality


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