LG Home Theatre 4.2 Channels 1250Watt BT


LG Home Theatre 4.2 Channels 1250Watt BT

  • 4.2 ch & 1,250 Watt
  • Dual Subwoofers Built-in
  • Space Saving & Simple Installation
  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • TV Sound Sync


LG Home Theatre 4.2 Channels 1250Watt BT

4.2 ch & 1,250 Watt

Powerful Sound
Watch movies with the rich surround sound powered by LG Home Theater speakers. With 1,250 watts of power to create 4.2 channel surround sound, hear with great detail for an overall better listening experience.
Built-in Subwoofers
Ultimate Bass
Integrated dual subwoofers located at the bottom of each speaker amplify bass all around you.
Space Saving & Simple Installation
Easily setup your home theater
The speakers are designed for easy installation and maximum space utilization. Setup is simple with instructions that are stress-free and without complicated wires. Experience a higher sense of audio clarity.
Bluetooth® Music Streaming
Connect and listen with ease
Conveniently pair and play music via Bluetooth®. Enjoy your music on a variety of devices such as a smartphone, tablet.
TV Sound Sync
Extend your TV audio
Take your TV sound to a higher level. Simply connect your LG TV via Bluetooth® and hear the difference.
Convenient connectivity
Listen to the radio or play a DVD or CD connected through an Aux or HDMI cables and USB. With various connectivity options, setup your speaker to meet all your entertainment needs.


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