Midea Standing AC 5.0HP 48000 BTU R410


Midea Standing AC 5.0HP 48000 BTU R410

  • Front Air Inlet
  • Auto Restart
  • Self-Diagnosis & Auto-Protection


Midea Standing AC 5.0HP 48000 BTU R410


If The Air Conditioner Breaks Off Unexpectedly Due To The Power Cut, It Will Restart With The Previous Function Setting Automatically When The Power Resumes.

Silver Ion Filter

The Silver Ion can kill bacteria or prevent their activity at very low density by destroying their inner-configuration and absorbing the elements in their cells. Meanwhile the Nano silver attached on the filter releases the Silver Ion constantly to eliminate bacteria effectively.

Super Slim Design

With super slim indoor unit, the fashionable design brings great visual enjoyment.


  • Capacity (Cooling, Horse Power): 5.0
  • Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr): 48,000

Air Flow

  • Optimal Single Blade: Yes
  • Air Direction Control (Up/Down): Auto
  • Air Direction Control (Left/Right): Auto

Air Purification

  • Allergy Care: Yes
  • Anti-Bacteria: Yes
  • Auto Clean (Self Cleaning): Yes


  • Filter Cleaning Indicatior: Yes
  • Indoor Temp. Display: Yes
  • Display On/Off: Yes
  • Beep On/Off: Yes
  • 24-Hour Timer: Yes
  • Auto Changeover: Yes
  • Auto Restart: Yes

Operating Mode

  • Turbo Mode: Yes
  • Good Sleep: Yes
  • Dehumidification: Yes
  • Fan Mode: Yes
  • Quiet: Yes



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