Porodo Aluminum Braided Micro USB Cable 1.2M 2.4A – Black


Porodo Aluminum Braided Micro USB Cable 1.2M 2.4A – Black



Porodo Aluminum Braided Micro USB Cable 1.2M 2.4A – Black

Porodo Braided USB-A to Micro comes with 2.4A and 1.2m in length. This cable is Durable and Fire Resistant, it has been made with PVC Material that Ensures Safety from Over-Heating and Over-Current. Made Using Tightly Knit Fabric, Tested to Withstand Up to 15000+ Bends. It Supports Fast Charging. Ability To Charge and Power All Micro Devices. Use this quick and efficient charging cable and enjoy its incredible speed. Porodo USB-A to Micro USB comes in different lengths. This cable is so suited for the data transferring process. You can share your data between your device and computer or hard drive at a high efficient speed. A braided micro USB cable is a cable that has been braided into a single, continuous piece. This makes them stronger and more durable than their traditional counterparts. They are also easier to install and remove, which is useful for those who want to upgrade their gear or replace a damaged cable. This is a reliable cable for your device and can ensure you that nothing going to happen to your device, including over-voltage, over-heating, and over-current. Micro USB Cable is used for charging mobile phones and other devices like cameras, but they can also be used for data transfer. Also, some other devices can be used with the Micro USB cable, such as Digital cameras, GPS devices, and Video game controllers.


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