Powerology 130W X2 PD Port & X1 Q.C Port – Black


Powerology 130W X2 PD Port & X1 Q.C Port – Black



Powerology 130W X2 PD Port & X1 Q.C Port – Black

Powerology Ultra-Quick Car-Charger revolutionizes in-car charging with its PD130W power output, Dual USB Type-C PD Port, USB-A QC, and Power Dash 3.0 technology, all enclosed in a sleek aluminum housing. This multi-purpose charger delivers lightning-fast charging for laptops, smartphones, and tablets simultaneously, making it ideal for busy travelers to whom saving time and ensuring continuous power is essential. Power Dash 3.0 technology optimizes charging efficiency on the one hand, and on the other hand, provides stable and reliable performance. The aluminum housing ensures durability and safeguards against overheating, making this ultra-quick car-charger, fire-retardant. In conclusion, this car charger combines high power delivery technology, versatile charging options, and premium build quality makes you experience efficient, safe, and reliable charging on the go.


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