Promate 20Watts Wireless HiFi Stereo Speaker


Promate 20Watts Wireless HiFi Stereo Speaker

The most memorable beachside gatherings and camping trips are the ones where the soundtrack was kicking. With a long battery life and a water-resistant surface, you’re free to pick it up and put it anywhere.  The built-in drivers are designed to generate room-filling sound output with the least amount of noise or feedback. Bring the party anywhere



Promate 20Watts Wireless HiFi Stereo Speaker

Powerful and Superior Sound Signature

High-quality audio driver and precision-engineered design enable this wireless speaker to a deliver the powerful and superior sound signature. The Promate Silox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker allows your crisp wireless sound to go wherever, that is out into the elements. With a powerful 20W driver, you can be certain that your music will be heard as it was meant to be heard, in high fidelity. Defined lows, punchy mids and crisp, articulate highs are the order of the day, delivering a pleasing and surprisingly loud audio experience for its size and weight.

IPX6 Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Splash proof, rainproof, dustproof, sand proof; outdoor shower speaker, perfect for the beach, poolside, car, boat & golf cart – IPX6 rating speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash but cannot be partially or fully submerged

Multiple Connectivity

Use the Silox to listen to your favourite music via Bluetooth, MicroSD card or directly via auxiliary cable. The Bluetooth 4.2 connects in second with your iPhone or any other smartphone or tablet with a long working range so that you get crystal clear music everywhere and anywhere. The 3 Modes of connection which makes Silox a perfect partner for every occasion be it party, birthdays or a simple, quiet evening.

Easy Music Navigation

Easy navigation through your playlist with the help of a soft touch control panel,  control your music and sound with EQ selection,  single press of a button for TWS and choose how to connect your Silox with your source with Mode.

True Wireless Stereo Function

Thanks to TWS function, pair any two Promate Silox speakers, you can achieve true wireless Bluetooth playing for left and right channels separated from two Silox Bluetooth speakers. Just control the True Wireless Stereo master device, the audio can be played in sync on both devices with double enhanced stereo sound

Quick, Easy and Universal Bluetooth Connection

The Promate Silox is Bluetooth-enabled and boasts an incredibly simple connection process – connecting to your device wirelessly is fast and easy. This speaker also supports any Bluetooth music device, meaning you can connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop and more to the Silox.

Long Battery Backup

To make it truly portable and wire-free we included a 6600 mAh battery so that you can listen to your favorite track without the trouble of charging or plugging the Promate Silox. With the Promate Silox internal rechargeable battery, you can enjoy up to 7 hours’ continuous use from your speaker.


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