Samsung Washing Machine Tumble Dryer 8kg Front Load Full Automatic


Samsung Washing Machine Tumble Dryer 8kg Front Load Full Automatic

  • Spin Speed 1400 RPM
  • Heat Pump Technology – Gently dry your laundry at cooler temperatures to help save energy
  • Optimal Dry™ – Temperature sensors adjust the drying time to help protect your clothes
  • Quick Dry – Dry 1kg of clothes in only 35 minutes


Samsung Washing Machine Tumble Dryer 8kg Front Load Full Automatic

Dry efficiently and gently
A++ Energy Efficiency with Heat Pump Technology*
Our Heat Pump Technology is the way forward for drying your laundry more efficiently. By reheating the air in the drum, it’s gentler on even the most delicate of delicates. And it means you’ll use less electricity compared to a traditional condenser or vented tumble dryer, making it kinder on your bills and the environment too.

Dry out
You need to tumble dry but don’t want to use too much energy. Our OptimalDry™ smart technology uses moisture and temperature sensors to adjust the drying time. As well as protecting your clothes from damage, it saves energy too.

Left or right opening? You decide
Reversible Door
Feel free to put your Samsung tumble dryer where you want in the home, and adjust the door to work with the space. The reversible door lets you choose if it opens on the left or the right of the tumble dryer. Then it’s easy to load and unload your laundry, and it’s even easier if it’s positioned next to the washing machine.

Fewer wrinkles, less ironing
Wrinkle Prevent
Lighten your ironing load with a drying feature that works wonders on smoothing wrinkles and creases. Once your cycle ends on your tumble dryer, select the clever Wrinkle Prevent setting. It will cool the clothes down and rotate the drum. This means your dry clothes don’t sit too long in one place to pick up creases. Then just grab your clothes and you’ll be good to go

Double up on drying, not cleaning
2-in-1 Filter
Looking after your machine will make it last longer and get your laundry nice and dry every time. Maintain your tumble dryer and optimise the drying performance with our 2-in-1 filter which collects fluff, meaning the heat exchange filter needs cleaning less often. And in case you forget, the handy clean alarm reminds you when it needs to be done.


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