Sony Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker | Black


Sony Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker | Black



Sony Portable Waterproof Wireless Speaker | Black

Where will you take yours?

Whether you?re camping with friends or relaxing in the park, the compact and lightweight SRS-XB23 fits into your plans as easily as it fits into your bag.

Compact size

The SRS-XB23 fits perfectly in the cupholder of your camping chair ? great for chilling out at open-air festivals

Convenient strap

Hang your speaker in your tent or on the nearest tree ? wherever you want to share your favourite beats.

Built to last

The SRS-XB23 has undergone extensive shock testing to make sure it can withstand the inevitable knocks, bumps and scrapes that come with everyday use. Even if you drop it, the SRS-XB23 will keep on working.

X-Balanced Speaker Unit?

Developed by Sony, the X-Balanced Speaker Unit achieves high sound quality and powerful sound pressure for a richer, deeper, more rewarding listening experience.



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